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Harris Donates to Veteran’s Groups

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Veterans and government contracting companies seem to be a good fit. Expertise gained on the front line lends itself to business opportunities on the home front. It’s a connection that goes beyond business, steeped in respect and appreciation.

Harris Corp. honored that connection last week with a $15,000 donation to several veteran’s groups.

The Mission Continues received $10,000 from the communications company. The nonprofit helps returning veterans continue serving through fellowship programs, service projects and leadership opportunities.

“The Mission Continues strives every day to provide our veterans with opportunities to serve their country after completing their military service,” said Jim Traficant, vice president and general manager of Harris Healthcare Solutions. “These veterans have devoted so much to our country it’s a privilege for us to give a little back. Harris is proud to support the great work of The Mission Continues.”

Harris awarded $5,000 to the National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic. Sponsored by the Department of Veterans Affairs and Disabled American Veterans, the clinic uses skiing and other recreational sports as rehabilitation tools for veterans with spinal cord injuries, amputations, traumatic brain injuries, neurological conditions and visual impairments.

“The Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic is the world leader in providing our wounded veterans with the rehabilitation they deserve through participation in Alpine sports,” Traficant said. “Harris is proud to again sponsor the Winter Sports Clinic and the amazing work they do to honor our wounded veterans.”

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