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Lockheed Launches 3G Wireless System


Lockheed Martin announced the launch this week of its MONAX 3G wireless communications system.

Designed to deliver real-time video and data directly to soldiers in the field, MONAX connects commercial off-the shelf smartphone to a ground or airborne MONAX XG Base Station through a small, portable, battery powered MONAX Lynx user device.

“We were able to keep the system footprint small in terms of size, weight and power,” said Macy Summers, vice president of Advanced Programs and Ventures for Lockheed Martin Information Systems and Global Solutions-Defense. “The MONAX equipment aboard the aerostat, which includes an antennae and radio frequency to fiber converter, weighs approximately 90 pounds, and is connected to the base station on the ground through fiber optic cable embedded in the aerostat’s tether.”

With ease of use and flexible frequencies, MONAX can connect hundreds of users through one base station on a secure, encrypted RF link.

MONAX demonstrations show a coverage area of more than 3,000 square kilometers from one base station. The device also demonstrated high-quality voice, video and data transmission.

“The successful integration of these systems is a major step in the field readiness of MONAX to begin providing essential mission information and situational awareness to warfighters,” Summers said. “Dismounted solders at the platoon and squad levels can now have access to an affordable private network that delivers the wide capabilities of smartphone technology.”

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