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Mobile Games Scoring High


Maybe it’s the Angry Birds phenomenon. Maybe it’s the continual uptick in transit time. Maybe it’s a population used to multitasking and constant stimulation. Whatever the reason, mobile game playing is booming.

A new survey commissioned by PopCap Games, a video game manufacturer, found mobile phones have surpassed consoles and computers to become the most popular gaming device.

Smartphones have heavily contributed to the gaining popularity of mobile games. Of smartphone users surveyed, 83 percent played mobile games.

“Mobile games are, along with social games, the hottest sector of the video game industry by far,” said Dennis Ryan, EVP of Worldwide Publishing at PopCap. “As more people purchase smartphones, and the entire process of finding, purchasing and playing mobile games becomes as simple as browsing the internet, the mobile games market is going to accelerate even more.”

In the last few years, mobile gaming has taken off. Survey findings reflect a 30 percent increase in game use since 2009. As jokes go, the one about no one using their phone to talk anymore is not only funny but true. Of all usage time, the survey found 23 percent was spent on games.

Kids today, right? Not so quick. Angry Bird’s war against the green pig is being waged primarily by adults.

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