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2011 Brings Smarts to Cyber Muscle


Wondering what cutting-edge IT endeavor to tackle in 2011? Deloitte released this week a list of 10 technologies it sees as new business models and operations worthy of CIO consideration.

The report looked into technologies CIOs have already looked at and emerging technologies. While some of the findings are predictable, some may incite “Aha!” moments.

Almost enterprise applications seem to be the new, hot emerging trend. If you’re not already onboard cloud, hop on. Deloitte is speculating self-service applications like cloud, Software- and Platform-as-a-Service are taking off.

If your company doesn’t value its CIOs as much as it values other executives, it’s already behind the curve. Deloitte’s report points out business moves will continue to become more technology related. A company that doesn’t place its CIO’s expertise front and center may very well cross the finish line last.

As tough as your cybersecurity measures are, brains trump brawn. It’s time to start work on cyber-intelligence solutions. Solutions that learn, adapt and connect data from multiple sources are the next wave in cyber.

“It’s evident that the next 18 months will be pivotal for widespread adoption of technologies such as cloud, social computing, analytics and mobile technologies,” said Bill Briggs, director of Deloitte Consulting LLP and co-author of the report. “Whether they are re-emerging enablers that are already somewhat at play at large among enterprises or disruptive deployments that offer new, transformative ways for organizations to operate, CIOs should keep ahead of these trends to help generate top returns not just of IT, but the business of the business.”


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