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AMERICAN SYSTEMS Attracts Talent with Profit Sharing

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A company is whom it hires. In the highly competitive government contracting field, finding exemplary employees is crucial to the success of the company.

AMERICAN SYSTEMS thinks it may have found a way to corner the market on finding, hiring and retaining employees who advance the company. A recent article by Teresa Baskerville outlined the company’s methods of attracting employees who help the company maintain its reputation for having excellent customer service.

AMERICAN SYSTEMS relies on its employees not just for their work expertise but for their networking as well. The human resources department has benefited from an employee referral program that is advantageous to its employees as well. Helping the company find someone to fill a high-security clearance position can net the employee $10,000. Referrals make up about 60 percent of AMERICAN SYSTEMS’ new hires.

Applicants the company doesn’t find within its walls, it finds on targeted bus routes. Marketing campaigns focus on specific demographics likely to have the experience and security clearances.

Through a robust employee stock ownership plan, AMERICAN SYSTEMS employees are invested in their company. ESOPs are a strong incentive for current employees, and an attractive offering for perspective employees.

It’s the ESOP Baskerville finds the most effective hiring and retention tool. A study by the ESOP Association and the Employee Ownership Foundation found profit-sharing programs increased employee sustainability, with the average longevity of 15 years. ESOPs are also credited with boosting morale and productivity.

AMERICAN SYSTEMS conducted a survey of 125 of its customers. Quality of service came up as the most important factor. The survey also found about 50 percent thought employee-owned companies have better, higher-quality services.

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