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Area Contractors Ranked on Veteran Association’s Best List


The National Veteran-Owned Business Association announced its picks for the 10 Best U.S. Corporations for Veteran-Owned Businesses in 2011 yesterday.

NaVOBA’s list singles out large corporations that do significant business with the over 3 million veteran-owned supplier businesses. Area contracting firms have traditionally placed high on the list, and this year is no exception.

Booz Allen Hamilton, Dell, Inc., DynCorp International, Lockheed Martin and Serco Inc. made appearances on the list. SAIC also garnered an honorable mention.

According to NaVOBA, 160 of the world’s largest companies do regular business with veteran-owned businesses. According to census data, one in every seven veterans is a business owner.

“Veteran-owned businesses bring key expertise to our missions supporting defense, diplomacy and development initiatives around the world,” said DynCorp International Chairman and CEO Steve Gaffney. ”The dedication and discipline they showed in their service to our country is also evident in their business practices, making veteran-owned businesses reliable, first-rate partners and suppliers.”


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