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CA Says Goodbye to Token Authentication


For companies wanting to switch from CA Technologies RSA SecurID tokens to ArcotID Secure software, now is the time to do it.

CA is offering the upgrade free of charge from now until Sept. 30. Customers choosing to switch will pay only for maintenance.

Each traded token entitles the customer to a three-year enterprise license for the ArcotID software, including access to the WebFort authentication server.

CA sees the switch from token authentication as an upgrade. The company credits the software with easier use and management. Removing the reliance on token hardware enhances flexibility without sacrificing security.

“Hardware tokens are a security mechanism whose time has expired,” said Ram Varadarajan, general manager for CA Arcot Security Solutions, CA Technologies. “The inconvenience of carrying an additional key fob or device for today’s increasingly mobile workforce is not practical, and the difficulty of remediation in case of a hardware token breach can be overwhelming.”

CA will also offer its Rapid Implementation Service with the launch of its new software. The service includes basic workflows and templates for downloads and sets up a typical configuration.

To introduce its customers to ArcotID, CA plans a webcast March 30 to discuss authentication and security best practices.


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