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DLA Ready with Aid to Japan


The Defense Logistics Agency is mobilizing to provide fuel and food for the Japanese relief effort.

The U.S. Defense Department will provide fuel for Japanese helicopters on search and rescue missions launched from the USS Ronald Regan. Fuel supplies are being shored up at American bases in northern Japan and at a sewage treatment plant in Yokosuka.

DLA Pacific said it stands at the ready to supply emergency relief when requested.

“Two C-130s with meals ready to eat and food from DLA Troop Support’s subsistence prime vendors were delivered to Misawa Air Base, and additional deliveries of water, MREs, diapers, blankets and medical supplies are being prepared for immediate delivery,” Navy Cdr. Jason Bridges, DLA Troop Support Pacific commander said.

The agency also has potassium iodide tablets, used to counteract radiation exposure, available for distribution. Needs are still being evaluated. Army Col. Sheila Bryant, DLA Pacific commander, said as soon as requests are made, DLA will respond quickly.

Headquartered at Ft. Belvoir, Va., DLA provides the military and federal agencies with logistics, acquisition and technical services.


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