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HP-British Partnership Beats US agencies for Award

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HP Enterprise Services announced today the Service Personnel and Veterans Agency won a Human Capital Management in Defense award.

The SPVA, a U.K. Ministry of Defence agency that provides support to the Armed Forces and veterans communities, partnered with HP Enterprise to implement the Joint Personnel Administration System for the United Kingdom’s Armed Forces.

The JPA streamlines the Armed Forces’ pay and personnel process by bringing Royal Navy, Army and RAF data into one system. The system allows user updates and provides for a centralized customer service and support center. In its first three years, the system saved the MOD over £200 million.

“The award highlights the strength of our partnering relationship with the MOD, and our deep knowledge of Armed Forces HR,” said Paul Couch, HP account executive. “With SPVA and through JPA, we have demonstrated what can be achieved in the shared services arena, and are looking to use this as a foundation for helping the government to achieve similar benefits in other areas.”

The HCMD awards recognize human capital initiatives implemented for the Defense Department and federal government. Fellow nominees included the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, DISA, the IRS, Energy Department, the National Park Service and the U.S Postal Service. SPVA was the only international organization nominated.

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