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Kayak, Microsoft Take on Google


In David-and-Goliath style, Microsoft’s Bing and Kayak are teaming up to take on industry giant Google.

The partnership announced last week gives Kayak exclusivity in Bing Travel U.S. flight search results.

Bing and Kayak formed an alliance to fight Google’s acquisition of ITA Software, a software developer for the travel industry. The two companies claimed Google would have an unfair advantage if the sale went through.

Bing’s partnership with Kayak levels the playing field with Google on metasearch capabilities. With Kayak aboard, Bing can offer users data drawn from various search engines and databases, and aggregated into one list available on Bing’s site.

Kayak is the latest partner to join Microsoft’s strategy to topple Google as a search maven. Other partners designed to pump its search engine rating are Facebook, Twitter and Dealmap.


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