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LocateMac Tracks Stolen Computers


Mac owners can rest a little easier. The coveted computers prone to theft now have access to another security feature.

LIGATT Security International announced today the release of its LocateMac tracking program.

The software download runs undetected without icon or pop-up, allowing owners to track their computer’s location surreptitiously through geolocation mobile tracker and iPad and iPhone locator apps. The program also photographs users and surrounding areas every 30 seconds and logs keystrokes. Computers can be set to send text messages when IP addresses change and receive messages the thief can read.

LocateMac inventories and monitors up to 2,000 computers and other Apple devices. If devices are stolen, the software generates an instant police and insurance report.

“We have received more requests from our retailers for the Macintosh version of LocatePC,” comments Tialer Maxwell, director of marketing for LocatePC and LocateMac. “We expect LocateMac to surpass sales of all our other products.”

LocateMac is available for $29.95 for a one-year subscription. Competing tracking software, offering similar features, includes GadgetTrak Verey for $39.95 and Computrace LoJack for Laptops for $49.99 for one year and $99.99 for three years.


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