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MITRE’s Gary Gagnon Joins AFCEA Cyber Committee

Gary Gagnon

MITRE announced this week Vice President and Corporate Director of Cybersecurity Gary Gagnon accepted an invitation to serve on the Cyber Committee of the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association International.

The nonprofit AFCEA serves as an ethical forum for the military, government, industry and academia. The association provides its members with information and discussion related to communications, IT, intelligence and security.

AFCEA’s Cyber Committee focuses on providing members with information and solutions to promote global cybersecurity.

Gagnon will serve on the committee for a period of three years. He brings with him extensive experience in the field of security. Gagnon handled information security for Defense Department agencies, the National Security Agency and the Harris Corporation.

During his time at MITRE, Gagnon served as executive director for the company’s national security programs. He supported civilian intelligence organizations and spearheaded intelligence technology innovations. As director of MITRE’s work program in cyber assurance and law enforcement, he saw the program through development and implementation.

During the run-up to Y2K, Gagnon led a private-sector team to support the Cyber Assurance National Information Center for the Y2K Information Coordination Center, which provided the federal government with computer intrusion and malicious code release information.

Gagnon also worked with the National Infrastructure Protection Center on strategies for protecting the nation against a cyber attack.


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