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Smart Grid Heads for China

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Honeywell announced last week it will develop and implement China’s first smart grid project under a joint partnership between the U.S. Trade and Development Agency and China’s State Grid Electric Power Research Institute.

The partnership tapped Honeywell to design an automated, energy managed, submetered smart grid project designed to connect customers to State Grid. China hopes to use smart grid technology to manage energy supply and demand and automatically adjust consumption. The country hopes smart grid will reduce the strain on China’s utility infrastructure.

“We’re honored to partner with State Grid to demonstrate the economic benefits of smart grid technologies that help manage the demand for electricity,” said Shane Tedjarati, president and chief executive officer of Honeywell China and India. “Honeywell is one of the only companies with technology that lets utilities broadcast signals to alert customers when energy use spikes and outpaces the ability to generate power. We also have relationships with commercial and industrial enterprises throughout China, and can help them define and automate their responses to those demand signals.”

Honeywell’s smart grid projects touch millions of homes, buildings and industrial sites. Honeywell helps utilities control more than 1 gigawatt of peak load, which is equivalent to the generation capacity of approximately 20 gas-fired peaking plants.

As China continues to grow and demand for utilities skyrocket, the country is looking at alternative sources of power to fuel its increasing demands. By implementing smart grid technology, distribution of other alternative energy sources such as wind and solar become more viable.

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