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Verizon Calls to Japan Free

Verizon has taken steps to lessen the anxiety friends and family members of those residing in Japan must be feeling post-earthquake and tsunami.

The wireless company is offering all post-paid customers free calling to Japan through April 10.

All calls, texts and multimedia messages to Japan made from most wireless and residential Verizon customers will be comped effective March 11. Rates from residential landlines will appear on bills as $0.00 per minute, and Verizon World Plan customer calls to Japan will not use any minutes.

Verizon is also waiving prepaid phone card charges for calls made to Japan during the same period.

Tsunami and earthquake relief donations of $10 can be made by sending a text message. Customers can choose from 10 organizations.

Verizon’s FiOS TV is making the TV Japan channel free to all customers through March 17.


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