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Virginia Aids Japan from the Skies, On the Ground

GeoEye, a Sterling, Va., satellite imagery and services company, released satellite photos of Japan’s coastal areas to The New York Times.

The before and after photographs show the earthquake and tsunami damage in side-by-side comparison.

While GeoEye watched from the sky, the Fairfax County Urban Search and Rescue Team arrived in Japan Sunday to help with search and rescue.

Also known as Virginia Task Force 1, the team will join forces with Los Angeles County Search and Rescue. According to a patch.com report, VATF1 will search the area of Ofunato, a fishing village in Miyagi Prefecture.

Japan continues to shudder through aftershocks after a massive 8.9 earthquake unleashed a tsunami, which devastated the shoreline up to six miles inland. Reports of casualties vary from a few thousands to tens of thousands. Three nuclear power plants threaten possible meltdowns as the country struggles to maintain its footing.


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