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FBI Honors Serco’s Maureen Baginski

Maureen Baginski

Serco, Inc. announced today the Federal Bureau of Investigation awarded Maureen Baginski, vice president of Intelligence Services, the FBI Intelligence Analysts Association Award.

“We are truly proud of Maureen and this great honor she received,” said Ed Casey, chairman and CEO of Serco. “She has brought to Serco the same can-do attitude she exuded while working for the FBI and she continues to lead her team here at Serco with pride and respect,”

The award is in recognition of the time Baginski spent as FBI executive assistant director for intelligence from 2003 to 2005. Baginski is credited with launching and managing the first FBI intelligence program.

Baginski served the National Security Agency as signals intelligence director where she established a global encryption program. Baginski also served as NSA senior operations officer in the National Security Operations Center, executive assistant to the director of NSA/Central Security Service, chief officer of the director, assistant deputy director of technology and sSystems and lead analyst for the Soviet Union.

A recipient of two Presidential Rank Awards, two Director of Central Intelligence National Achievement Medals, the Director of Military Intelligence’s Leadership Award, and NSA’s Exceptional Civilian Service Award, Baginski came to Serco in 2009.


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