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Google to Offer Laptops to Students


Google won’t let Microsoft rest for a moment. As the two competing technology companies round the latest post, Google is making a run at closing the gap in the PC hardware market with the release of its Chromebook.

Forbes reported this week Google may begin leasing laptops loaded with its software to students for $20 a month. The student package is considered a pilot program for a potential enterprise package.

Google Apps, chief among them Google Docs, have been chipping away at Microsoft Office’s market share. Cloud-based with auto-save and share features, Google Apps’ only downside is its inability to function offline. A problem Forbes said the company is close to solving.

The monthly lease is a cost-effective way to supply students with hardware and software that can easily approach $1000 in a retail store. It would be wise, however, to ask Google if the laptop also comes loaded with spyware before signing a contract.


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