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GTSI Sterling Phillips Joins Cloud2 Commission

GTSI announced this week CEO Sterling Phillips’ appointment to the Commission on the Leadership Opportunity In U.S. Government on the Cloud.

The Cloud2 Initiative is hosted by the TechAmerica Foundation. The commission brings together industry experts from commercial and public sectors, and is tasked with recommending solutions for government cloud deployment.

One such recommendation, consolidation of data centers, is already underway.

“By its own estimates, the federal government today operates more than 2,000 data centers,” Phillips said. “And data center development has been part of GTSI’s business portfolio for more than a decade. Yet almost overnight, cloud computing fundamentally changes the data center landscape in both the public and private sectors, presenting major issues and opportunities for efficiency and cost-effective IT management.”

Phillips will focus primarily on public-cloud solutions.

“On the one hand, cloud computing represents a transformational technology trend with massive potential to alter the way IT infrastructure is purchased, managed, and used,” he said. “To get there, serious concerns of security, privacy, and accountability must be addressed. It is in these areas where I expect to focus my attention.”

At the conclusion of the Cloud2 Initiative, solutions will be presented to Federal CIO Vivek Kundra. Early estimates predict the federal government expects to spend $20 billion switching to cloud.


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