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Holographic Smartphone Wins Award

Credit-card thin smartphone

Bored with your music playing, e-reading, video playing, audio recording, picture taking, video recording, game playing, web surfing, emailing phone that you probably never use to call people on anymore? Is it feeling a little flat and unimaginative these days?

Not to worry. eYeka, an online co-creation site, released last week the winning submissions for its Next Generation Smartphone competition, and the winning designs are bound to excite even the most disillusioned iPhone owner.

The winning design brought tears of joy to the science fiction fan. eYeka community member j-bouille presented a design for a round, holographic screen phone.

“’Round smartphone’ isn’t a buzzword coming from a R&D lab,” said François Petavy, CEO of eYeka. “It’s a concept created by a real, everyday person. We see this as a perfect example of how companies can use consumers’ creative potential to deliver breakthrough innovation for their new product development.”

A runner up, iKev, presented a design for a flexible Organic-Light-Emitting Diodes phone. The device is based on a foldable smartphone design that expands to a game console or tablet.

The contest challenged users to design smartphones that were viable and consumer warranted. The OLED phone is based on real research. Whether the designs find its way to Verizon shelves remains to be seen.


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