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IBM Tape Stores Big Data

The immense amount of data drawn from the multitude of electronics encountered on a daily basis has huge potential for business, but offers a unique challenge. Where do you store all that information?

IBM has a solution. Last week, the business intelligence firm announced the creation of its tape library technology, able to store almost 3 exabytes of data.

“As part of its $6 billion annual investment in R&D, IBM continues to develop innovative storage technologies for smarter computing,” said Brian Truskowski, general manager of IBM system storage and networking. “The data protection and retention solutions IBM is announcing today provide clients with a comprehensive approach to protecting and accessing their most valuable asset, their data.”

IBM’s System Storage TS3500 Tape Library connects up to 15 libraries to create one, cost-effective storage system. The company said it offers 80 percent more storage space than the Oracle tape library and offers the highest capacity available.

The library includes the TS1140 Tape Drive, which shows a reduction in energy use of 64 percent, and the Linear Tape File Systems Library Edition to access and manage data and digital asset archives.

Tape storage may seem like a step back, but IBM believes it to be the future of big data storage with cost-effective and energy efficient properties companies are likely to find attractive.


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