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Oceus Premiers Xiphos

Fresh from its debut at the 2011 Department of Defense Intelligence Information Systems Worldwide conference, Oceus Network’s Xiphos platform became available to government agencies this week.

Xiphos is the broadband company’s new fourth-generation Long Term Evolution solution. The family of products is fully interoperable and offers high-speed, high-capacity voice, video and data transmissions. The COTS solutions are designed to suit all military and first responder needs, deploying outside established communication infrastructures.

“The new Xiphos broadband platform fills a critical communications need for the military, first responders and others where access to fast, mobile connectivity can literally change lives,” said Doug Smith, president and chief executive officer at Oceus Networks. “With government agencies increasing their deployment of commercial broadband solutions, we are proud that Oceus Networks’ new product release provides a highly sought after but rare resource – 4G broadband anytime, anywhere.”

While Xiphos is designed to provide 4G capabilities to remotely positioned personnel, the solution can also be scaled to fit inside a defined architecture to enhance data quality delivered to specific users. Xiphos can also extend coverage areas by adding radios or linking Xiphos systems.


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