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Siemens Shows Jobs Exist


Unemployment rates are back up, gas prices hit a pocketbook pounding high and the national deficit continues to rise. Experts say the economy is sputtering toward a recovery and jobs are available. The unemployed scoff at that assessment. Clearly, the nation is suffering a disconnect somewhere.

In the spirit of where’s the beef, Siemens set out to answer where are the jobs. Companies are seeing an upturn in sales. Government-contracting firms reported a slow but steady financial gain in the second quarter. With improving sales and profit margins, surely someone is hiring?

And Siemens is, but the jobs are specialized.

“As the economy continues to grow, particularly the manufacturing industry, our orders and sales are increasing and we have added more than 1,000 new jobs to our U.S. workforce in just the last two quarters to keep up with the demand,” said Eric Spiegel, president and CEO of Siemens Corporation.

Industry, energy and healthcare have seen stable growth in the past few years. Siemens found jobs concentrating on industrial automation, building efficiency, smart grid and IT are growing.

Eco-friendly, energy efficient seem to be the golden ticket of late. Siemens reported 400 open positions in its automated building technologies division. Its smart-grid division expects to add 100 employees in the next year.

With the arrival of Nissan’s Leaf and Chevrolet’s Volt, electric is all the rave. Siemens recently began work on installing electric charging stations at a new Loudoun County, Va., commuter park and ride lot.

The goods news is companies are hiring. The jobs, however, require unique training. For many job seekers, retraining has to be the first step back to employment.


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