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Survey Says Employees Hopeful, Ready to Move On


Human resource departments, beware. The job market is improving, and employees are ready to move on.

Monster.com released a workplace survey today. Findings revealed employees are no longer content to just have a job. They want jobs that inspire them, and there’s a firm belief among survey responders that their perfect job is still out there.

“The results of this survey are in stark contrast to where seekers were a year ago, especially psychologically,” said Jesse Harriott, chief knowledge officer for Monster Worldwide. “Seekers were just happy to be gainfully employed at that time, ready to simply ride things out until the economy turned around, despite how happy they were in their current position.”

It seems the plodding train ride is over. Now, Harriott said, job seekers are finding cause to be optimistic about their job prospects, and are looking for change.

Dream jobs have proven elusive these last few years. With a resurgence of economic pointers comes a resurgence of hope. Dreaming of the perfect job, 82 percent of respondents said their perfect job awaited them and 83 percent of them are out there looking for it.

Don’t be quick to assume the dream job means no work for lots of pay. Quite the contrary. The survey found 41 percent want a job that challenges and inspires them, and having that was more important than salary.

“It’s fantastic to see job seekers’ confidence returning, and to see the renewed belief that a ‘dream job’ doesn’t have to be a dream,” said Charles Purdy, Monster.com career expert. “It can be a reality.”

If employers want to keep their newly confident, optimistic workers, Harriott suggests employers support their employees’ calls for change and growth.


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