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Verizon Offers Mobile Prescription Drug App


Prescription drug costs have long been the bane of patient existence. Prices continue to go up, insurance companies cover less and Americans get stuck with having to pay the difference all while struggling to find extra change to pay for increased fuel and food bills.

In the spirit of Gasbuddy.com, Verizon and Medco teamed up to provide a mobile app to help patients and doctors find the lowest-cost drug. Available to Android and Blackberry users, the Medco Pharmacy app also guards against drug interactions and helps patients manage their medications.

“Wireless devices are a part of the lifestyle as we know it today, and millions of people rely on their BlackBerry and Android smartphones for instant information,” said Mike Ross, vice president of sales, healthcare, Verizon Wireless. “Reliability is paramount to not only medical information, but for a network too. Our combined technologies will give users a powerful tool that can help them manage their medical care.”

Medco’s pharmacy app shows patients a list of personalized out-of-pocket costs associated with their prescriptions alongside lower-cost alternatives. The patient can share the information with the doctors and pharmacists. The app also records the patient’s prescribed medications, over-the-counter medications, vitamins and supplements to check against interactions. In addition, the app sends patients refill alerts and stores prescription drug card numbers.

“The Medco Pharmacy mobile app provides innovative patient-specific pharmacy information that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the healthcare system,” said Tom Feitel, senior vice president of imagineering and innovation for Medco. “It puts actionable information in front of patients so they’re able to share it with their physicians, even while still in the exam room, or the pharmacist before dispensing. It provides personalized results for the more than 65 million members we serve.”

The Medco Pharmacy mobile app can be downloaded from V CAST.

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