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Verizon Releases Philanthropic Report

Verizon released its corporate responsibility report last week, and it seems the wireless company’s philanthropic arm has been busy.

Through the use of broadband and wireless technologies, Verizon lent a hand to issues such as domestic violence, education and employee empowerment.

“Communications technology really does solve problems for people and for society,” said Ivan Seidenberg, chairman and CEO. “We have built a solid foundation for creating value that will generate expanding returns for our communities as well as our customers. The more deeply embedded technology becomes in our society, the more these opportunities to create shared success will grow.”

Throughout the year, Verizon spent $297 million on education and training for its employees. The company offered 81,000 female employees breast cancer screenings. The Verizon Foundation donated $490 million to nonprofits, of which $67 million went to grants dedicated to education and domestic abuse prevention.

Working to stop the horrors of domestic violence, the Verizon Foundation funded a documentary featuring the story of a domestic violence victim. Telling Amy’s Story aired on public television, and is used in training by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Justice.

The company also launched Thinkfinity.org, an interactive educational program, and Verizon Medical Data Exchange, an electronic health records program.

Conscious of its carbon footprint, Verizon developed a program to measure its carbon output, and issued a goal of increased efficiency of another 15 percent in 2011. To meet that goal, the company added 1,642 alternative fuel vehicles to its fleet.


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