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Accenture’s New Social Media Manager Merges Business with Facebook

Accenture is expanding its business into the social media realm, developing a tool that will allow companies to determine the optimum social-networking channels and enable them to connect with their customers. The Social Media Engagement Manager analyzes a company’s use of social media and measures the level of engagement customers have with them to determine how a company should use a social media channel to successfully engage with its audience.

Kelly Dempski, Accenture

Kelly Dempski, director of Accenture Technology Labs, says the social media revolution has been too extensive for businesses not to participate, adding that the networking tool is becoming the new source of business intelligence.

“Businesses have been ‘listening’ to social media for a couple of years,” Dempski explained.  “The next frontier is effective engagement – knowing exactly how to reach and resonate with your target audience. Specifically, today’s social media channels provide data that will allow brands to measure engagement and use analytics to predict the impact of future interactions with the customer.”

Dempski says Accenture has been working with multiple clients to test the new engagement tool on their Facebook postings, which appear on members’ news feeds. The company’s findings indicate the tool can help businesses tailor their marketing tactics on Facebook to suit each client’s particular needs, such as posting a testimonial on a Wednesday afternoon to reach women and on a Sunday morning to reach men. With successful use of the Social Media Engagement Manager, Dempski says participating companies can expect to see an increase in engagement and sales over time.

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