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ARINC, TTI Technologies to Bring Flight Information System to Hospitality Industry

ARINC Incorporated has announced a partnership TTI Technologies International to bring the ARINC flight information display system microFIDSTM to the hospitality industry.

TTI Technologies, a provider of check-in scanning solutions, business centers and concierge services, plans to resell ARINC’s microFIDS systems to hotel customers on a subscription basis that includes turnkey support through ARINC’s Service Desk. MicroFIDS provides continuously updated flight information for placement in hotel business centers, at check-in counters and in other common areas.

“Anyone who has experienced a flight delay and wished they were back in the comfort of their hotel can appreciate the value of microFIDS,” said Steve Blidner, president of TTI. “This partnership and technology are a huge benefit for hotel guests, will enhance revenue for hotels, and do not require any special IT resources or expertise from the hotel staff. That’s a fantastic combination for our customers and their guests.”

The partnership aims to improve customer service by allowing hotel guests to become updated regarding any flight cancellations or delays and make plans accordingly. The displays also provide robust and customizable content options, and can be updated to include paid third-party ads or in-house promotions for food, beverage or spa services.

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