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ATK to Participate in Paris Air Show

Mark DeYoung, ATK

Aerospace and defense company ATK has announced its participation as an exhibitor at the 2011 Paris Air Show, where it will demonstrate its capabilities in business areas, including commercial and military aerospace structures manufacturing. The show will be held at Le Bourget Airport from June 20-26, 2011.

“International cooperation among allies and industry is vital to global security,” said ATK President and Chief Executive Officer Mark DeYoung.  “The international market, particularly through the partnerships ATK enjoys in Europe, is an important component of ATK’s strategy for the future. ATK is well positioned for international growth and the company offers significant systems and capabilities to the United States and its allies.”

Participation in the Air Show will allow ATK to gain a new clientele in addition to providing visitors with information on ATK’s light gunship platform, which integrates intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance sensors, fire control equipment, air-to-ground missiles and rockets, as well as the LW30mm link-fed gun system. This gunship capability package is the newest addition to ATK’s Special Mission Aircraft product portfolio, which offers customer-designed platform capabilities.

ATK will also use its participation in the Paris Air Show to focus on its collaboration with NASA, supporting space exploration missions and commercial space launch needs. The company will be located in Row A, Chalet 100 when it participates in the show later this month.

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