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Cloud Expo Survey Reveals Discrepancy Between IT, Non-IT Professionals

A recent survey of IT professionals conducted at this week’s Cloud Expo in New York found that IT pros and their non-tech executives have different opinions when it comes to cloud computing.

Of all responding IT professionals, 223, or 47 percent of respondents, are most likely to view the cloud as an extension of long-term trends toward remote networks and virtualization, while 37 percent also view it as a radical new way to think about their own IT function.

When asked how they believe their non-IT executive peers perceive the cloud, the respondents’ answers were drastically different. With regard to senior leaders viewing the cloud as a logical extension of IT development, only 26 percent of IT professionals believe they have it down. They also reported that business leaders are more inclined than they are to believe the cloud is just a passing fad.

“It’s clear that we as IT professionals must continue to develop a deeper understanding of what our businesses need, often stepping out of traditional comfort zones,” Dell Services President Steve Schuckenbrock said. “We have the opportunity to meet the high expectations our business leaders have placed upon us by focusing less on the architecture of the solution – private, public, hybrid – and more on the critical business outcomes cloud can provide. We’ve reached an inflection point along the IT continuum, one that is shaping the way IT will lead and define long-term results for our organizations.”

The survey, sponsored by Dell, was conducted by an independent market research firm during the first two days of the Cloud Expo this week in New York.

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