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Google Deploys Over 70 Electric Car Charging Stations at Mountain View Headquarters

Google is expanding upon its work deploying and experimenting with green transportation technologies, deploying more than 70 electric vehicle charging stations managed by the ChargePoint Network at its worldwide headquarters in Mountain View, Calif.

The charging stations are intended for use by Google employees who own electric vehicles as well as the company’s growing car sharing program for GFleet, which includes Chevrolet Volts and Nissan LEAFs. Plans to deploy 250 additional charging stations on campus are already underway, with the company make 5 percent of its campus parking EV-ready. Achieving this goal would make Google’s installation the largest workplace charging installation for electric vehicles in the country.

“Over the last few years, several innovative electric vehicle technologies have emerged in the marketplace, and we’ve been working to update our green transportation infrastructure,” Rolf Schreiber, technical program manager, electric transportation at Google wrote in an official blog post published yesterday. “As a result, we’ve now developed the largest corporate EV charging infrastructure in the country. We’re also including the next generation of plug-in vehicles in Gfleet, our car-sharing program for Googlers.”

Google has implemented many eco-friendly transportation options over the years, including the development of biodiesel campus shuttles and RechargeIT, an initiative aimed at expanding the use of electric vehicles.

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