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Google, Yahoo and Microsoft to Collaborate on Search Engine Results

Internet search giants Google, Yahoo and Microsoft have joined forces to standardize HTML markup codes via the Schema project to ensure their search results remain relevant.

The Schema project is designed to use a standard vocabulary for data markup across various web pages. With more than 100 schemas, or HTML markup tags, already in place, creators hope the use of standardized HTML tags will ensure that various search engines recognize each individual search subject and provide the most relevant results.

“Rather than rely solely on machine learning and other [artificial-intelligence] techniques, we asked, ‘what if we could enable publishers to have a single schema they could use to describe their sites that all search engines could understand?’” the Microsoft Bing team blogged on Thursday. “We want to be able to model the world in which we all live to the level that search can actually help you make decisions and get things done in real life by understanding all the options the world presents.”

Google, Yahoo and Microsoft have been collaborating via the sitemaps.org project since 2006 through Microsoft’s Bing search engine unit.

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