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HP Confirms Plans for a Public Cloud

HP CEO Leo Apotheker has confirmed plans for the launch of a public cloud, stating during his keynote address to the company’s annual convention in Las Vegas that the cloud will be launched “very soon.”

“It will be a ‘public cloud service, very soon,” Apotheker told the audience. “It will be infrastructure as a service, platform services, and an open cloud market. In the hybrid world, we will supplement private clouds.”

Apotheker then introduced Verizon as a crucial business partner, citing Verizon’s acquisition of Terremark and its cloud platform delivered through its data centers as a successful business model.

Terremark President Kerry Bailey said Verizon is a strong supporter of the cloud, explaining,  “We looked at enterprises buying IT differently and new IT delivery models. We deployed all HP equipment (in its data centers including those in Asia and Latin America) then took in the HP orchestration layer and linked that around Verizon’s MPLS backbone.”

Apotheker said HP was making $2 billion available through HP finance to develop cloud applications for enterprise. The company unveiled its ecoPOD, a container-based air cooled modular data center, earlier in the day.

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