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Jorge Benitez Promoted to Managing Director, Chief Executive at Accenture

Jorge Benitez, chief operating officer of the products operating group at Accenture, has been named the company’s new managing director, North America and chief executive, United States.

Benitez’s new position will place him in charge of Accenture’s  business and operations in North America, working to expand company growth within the region as well as developing and executing business strategy.

“Jorge’s broad leadership experience positions him well to lead our North America business,” said Accenture Chief Executive Officer Pierre Nanterme. “He possesses a tremendous combination of operational experience, client focus and passion for our people.  I look forward to his continued contributions to Accenture’s success as he leads our business in North America.”

As chief operating officer of Accenture’s products operating group, the largest of the company’s five operating groups, Benitez has been responsible for the development and execution of business strategy across seven industry groups in addition to managing business with one of Accenture’s largest product clients. He has received national attention for his achievements, having been named to Hispanic Business Magazine’s list of the “2011 Top 25 Corporate Elite” years after being named one of the 100 most influential Hispanics in the United States by the magazine in 2004.

Benitez will assume his new position Sept. 1.

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