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Lockheed Martin F-16 Named Top Choice for New Bulgarian Fleet

Lockheed Martin’s F-16 aircraft has been named the most likely replacement for Bulgaria’s current fleets of legacy, with prime minister Boyko Borisov requesting the joint purchase of fighter aircraft carriers with three of its main allies–Croatia, Romania and Turkey.

All four nations with the exception of Turkey are presently seeking new fighters to replace their present fleets, which are rapidly aging, and have upgraded Mikoyan MiG-21s or MiG-29s. Although other systems will be considered, Lockheed-Martin’s F-16 remains the current top choice.

Borisov’s “smart defense” concept would allow NATO members to reduce costs by placing a single order and establishing a combined air surveillance capability over their individual region of Europe, although a pact including the joint training of pilots and joint exercises could be used as well. Croatia, Romania and Turkey are considering the suggestion.

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