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Midwest is No.1 for Job Growth, IT Recruitment

Unemployment rates rose at the end of May, but one U.S. region is seeing an upswing. The Wall Street Journal’s Justin Lahart reports that while severe weather problems in the South and Japan resulted in 4.6 jobless Americans for every job available throughout the month of April, Midwestern states saw a total of 670,000 job openings, up from 617,000 at the end of last year.

This data supports a CIO Insight report published in February of this year, which stated the Midwest is the fastest-growing region for IT job openings. Currently, Detroit is the fastest-growing tech metro area in the nation, with the number of IT jobs posted in Detroit in the 12 months ended Feb. 1, 2011, representing a 101 percent increase over the number posted in the same period one year earlier.

With a heavy concentration in manufacturing, the Midwest has reportedly benefited strongly from a surge in factory employment more than other parts of the country.

But while the number of job openings in the Northeast, South and West declined over the same period that openings in the Midwest rose, techies across the country have an advantage. The same CIO Insight report on the Midwest’s IT openings also found the number of full-time IT jobs is outpacing demand for contract and part-time positions across the nation.

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