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More Companies Using Social Media to Boost Business

Facebook may connect friends worldwide, but the social networking giant is now working to connect more businesses as well. A growing number of companies is turning to social media outlets like smartphones, blogs and online communities to create a comfortable learning environment and work atmosphere in addition to recruiting new talent.

With approximately 65 percent of employees reporting they intend on leaving a company within two years because of a lack of learning and leadership development, Global Talent Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited Director and Chief Learning Officer Nick Van Dam says social networking technologies are becoming a critical means of helping business achieve their goals and motivating employees as their business requirements shift. This strategy is particularly critical in developing nations such as India, China and Brazil, where there is a noticeable gap in available talent.

“Companies now encourage their workforce to share and create knowledge through social media,” Van Dam said. “[This] results in better productivity and positive mood in the work place.”

With Asia Pacific undergoing a 20 percent annual growth in adoption of tech-based learning, Van Dam predicts the total e-learning market globally will reach $107 billion by 2015. The success of this model indicates that as e-learning strategies, including connecting people to real-time solutions and promoting shared knowledge, are adopted by more companies, social media will no longer be merely a recreational activity.

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