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Motorola Awarded Contract for Adams County, Pa. Radio Project

Motorola will be bringing its services to Adams County, Pa. The Adams County Commissioners reached a unanimous vote Wednesday morning to award Motorola the contract for Group 1 of the county radio project.

Group 1 is the radio portion of a three-group project. Commissioner Chairman George Weikert said for the remaining two groups — microwave transmission and tower portions, respectively — Motorola will likely recommend a sub-contractor or the commissioners themselves will choose one. The radio system used by Adams County law enforcement officers, fire departments and EMTs received its last upgrade in 1979.

“We like Motorola because of their experience,” Adams County Department of Emergency Services Director John Eline told the Gettysburg Times. “We feel they offer the best product after checking their references.”

Eline said cost was not a factor in the decision, citing the most advanced technology as the utmost concern. The current system experiences small failures on an almost daily basis.

“We’re in the digital age and we can’t accommodate digital systems,” Eline explained. “With the high band [800 MHz system], we’ll be able to do that.”

The total cost of the project is expected to fall between $15-$22 million.

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