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Neustar to Apply for Top-Level Domain

Neustar is joining the likes of global brands such as Canon and Hitachi, applying for a new generic top-level domain following Monday’s approval of the new gTLD guidebook by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. Acquisition of its own brand-specific gTLD will provide the company more visibility, allowing it to be seen on both sides of the dot.

The announcement of the approved ICANN new gTLD guidelines will allow applications for brand-specific gTLDs for the first time ever. Neustar and other companies will be able to submit these applications for review by ICANN from January through April 2012.

“Having a brand-specific gTLD gives companies an infinite universe of branded domains that can be used to promote products and services,” said Mark Pilipczuk, vice president of marketing for Neustar. “One of the many benefits of owning the NEUSTAR gTLD is the flexibility it provides in creating shorter, more intuitive and easy to remember domains for our marketing campaigns.”

The new gTLDs replace mycompany.com with dot.mycompany, allowing companies to establish a stronger presence in the online world. In addition to applying for its own brand-specific gTLD, Neustar is helping other various companies, organizations, geographic locations and more to apply for and manage their own gTLDs.

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