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Pitney Bowes Survey: US, UK Mobile Users Weary of Providers

The telecom market is rapidly expanding, but execs may want to focus on improving their customer service. A new study conducted by Pitney Bowes Business Insight reveals that only 45 percent of consumers in the U.S. and the U.K. trust their mobile provider, while a mere 40 percent trust their mobile providers’ customer communications.

The study, released yesterday, was conducted by the ECSP Europe Business School in conjunction with the software and services provider. It reveals that U.K. consumers believe front-line employees and marketing communications are ranked as the most important factors for establishing good trust (26 and 23 percent, respectively).

Those replies differ from the responses of U.S. consumers, who proclaimed that management policies and front-line employees are the top influencing factors on trust (25 and 21 percent, respectively). Other findings include the fact that only 31 percent of mobile customers feel they would receive a caring response if they shared their problems with a service provider, and 24 percent of respondents believe their mobile network operator is doing a good job at implementing management policies and practices that govern customer interactions.

“Today, competition in the telecommunications industry is fierce, making it one of the most challenging markets in the world for ensuring customer satisfaction and building relationships,” said David Newberry, chief marketing officer of Pitney Bowes Business Insight. “When it comes to their mobile network providers, customers’ satisfaction with their previous experience has a lot more influence on overall trust than in other industries. The challenge, as illustrated in this study, is to align customer communications management so that mobile companies can more easily address these crucial customer concerns.”

The report was not without optimism. Consumers offered multiple ways to improve relationships between themselves and their providers, including strong customer communications management programs. Additionally, 42 percent of customers reported satisfaction with the treatment, relationship and services they receive from their mobile network providers.

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