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Siemens to Fill Unemployment Gap through Engineering Internship Program

In a job market where 85 percent of 2011 college grads have moved back in with their parents, Siemens USA aims to provide the practical job training that many universities do not. Participants in a 12-week summer program run by the engineering corporation will result in 75 full-time employment offers given to a pool of 170 interns, an attempt to train and educate the Millennial Generation to compete for careers in the STEM fields-science, technology, engineering and math.

“Siemens has more than 3,000 open positions in the U.S., half of them engineering positions, and we will be hiring an additional 35 recruiters this year to find qualified candidates to fill them,” said Eric Spiegel, president and CEO, Siemens Corporation. ”While we continue to invest in STEM initiatives at the high-school and university levels, we also are launching a new recruiting effort this summer focused on attracting and developing college graduates and fast-tracking them into early leadership development programs in these fields.”

Seventy percent of the program participants who receive offers will work in the engineering field. Other interns may receive employment in areas ranging from finance and operations to supply chain management. Program coordinators say they strive to provide employment opportunities to self-motivated young candidates who take initiative in the workplace and are committed to making positive contributions to the company.

Information on open positions at Siemens USA is available here: http://www.usa.siemens.com/en/jobs_careers/us_jobs.htm.

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