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Symantec Report Finds SMBs Ill-Prepared for Disaster Prevention

Symantec has released its 2011 SMB Disaster Preparedness Survey, revealing that small to medium businesses are not doing enough to prevent their companies from falling prey to cyber attacks.

The survey found that for the second year in a row, businesses are not taking preventative measures to protect company data, waiting until after they experience an attack or loss of data to exert change.

The survey also revealed the information that drives most small- and mid-sized businesses is simply not protected. Less than half of SMBs back up their data weekly or more frequently, and only 23 percent back up daily.

Such attacks have the potential to exert significant financial strain on SMBs–the median cost of downtime for such a business is $12,500 per day.

But such monetary risk is a seemingly small priority. Half of the respondents do not have a plan in place, while 41 percent said concocting a plan never occurred to them. Of these respondents, 40 percent said preparing for disaster is not a concern for them.

Other survey findings include the fact that half of the SMBs that do possess a disaster plan only implemented it after an attack occurred. Of this percentage, a mere 28 percent have actually tested their plans for effectiveness, suggesting that when it comes to data security protection, SMBs have a long way to go.

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