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Verizon Reports Drastic Drop in Energy Consumption

Verizon has produced a significant reduction in energy consumption and carbon emissions at 24 of its U.S. data centers thanks to the use of new technology that promotes targets cooling efficiency.

The technology, produced by Vigilent, has resulted in the annual reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by more than 66 million pounds of CO2; a decrease in average temperatures by 2 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the data centers, with noticeably reduced temperature fluctuations; an instant reduction in energy consumption; and an anticipated savings of more than 55 million kilowatt annually by turning off approximately 40 percent of the computer room air conditioners in these data centers within two days of implementing the energy management systems.

Vigilent delivers real-time data about environmental conditions throughout each facility before providing analysis and recommendations for optimal configurations and performance.

“Vigilent energy management systems have reduced cooling consumption by more than 40 percent as well as provided important safeguards that help improve our uptime,” said Mark Capurso, director of national technical operations at Verizon. “This combination of energy savings and improved efficiencies goes a long way toward helping meet Verizon’s goal of improving its carbon efficiency by 15 percent this year.”

Verizon has no plans to slow down its campaign against excessive energy usage–plans to install the Vigilent system at more of the company’s U.S. data center sites are underway.

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