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Accenture to Deliver Security Systems to Amsterdam Airport

Schiphol Airport

Accenture announced today it has been selected by the Ministry of Internal Affairs to design and deliver Automated Border Control Systems at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam. The new systems will efficiently validate passenger identities and documentation to help streamline the process during peak immigration periods.

According to Accenture, the company will deliver 36 electronic border-crossing gates to be used at Schiphol airport this year. The Automated Border Control System will use the latest in biometric technologies, including facial recognition, to validate passenger identities and passports.

Accenture has enlisted the help of Vision-Box and Capgemini as subcontractors for this project. Accenture will work alongside the two companies to develop and implement the technology and will provide the training, support and maintenance of the electronic border-crossing gates.

“With growth in traveler numbers and increased documentation and visa complexity, border crossings around the world are now busier than ever,” said Ger Daly, managing director of defense & public safety for Accenture Health & Public Service. “Accenture and our partners have extensive experience developing and introducing robust, resilient, secure and scalable electronic border-crossing systems at international airports in the United Kingdom, Finland and Portugal, and we have already overseen a successful pilot program for Schiphol.”

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