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ARINC Develops Emergency Contact Program with State of Maryland

ARINC has partnered with the state of Maryland to develop a system that allows state drivers’ license holders to provide emergency contact information to the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration.

The service allows Maryland residents to enter their emergency contact information at any of the 43 self-service kiosks at MVA offices across the state and the MVA website. This enables police and additional authorities to access the information in the event of an emergency.

“The Maryland MVA is nationally known as a technology leader for its pioneering kiosk program and other technology efforts that provide continued, improved customer service to the citizens of Maryland,” said Elizabeth Leek, ARINC Operations Director, Public Enterprise Solutions. “Maryland now joins the handful of forward-thinking states that have implemented this type of Emergency Contact Information database.”

The initiative was inspired by a 2005 auto accident that killed Andrew Knight, resulting in police being unable to communicate with his wife, his legal next of kin who was also in the crash, and obtain names of family members to be notified. Andrew’s parents did not learn of his death until hours later, via a voicemail left by a friend of the wife’s family. Although state legislation to establish an emergency registry known as “Andrew’s Law” was proposed and proved unsuccessful in 2006, the Maryland MVA later chose to create the program, choosing ARINC to write the software needed to collect the Emergency Contact data via the kiosks and the MVA web site.

The Emergency Contact Program was launched June 13, with Karen Knight-Andrew’s mother-the first person to enter the database.

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