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CGI Announces ‘CGI Health Insurance Exchange360’

CGI Group Inc. announced today the launch of its CGI Health Insurance Exchange360, a suite of business, technology and consulting services designed to help states establish cost-effective and sustainable Health Insurance Exchanges. The platform comes in time to meet the 2014 deadline set by federal health reform legislation.

“CGI Health Insurance Exchange360 brings states the benefit of our 20+ years of experience in health insurance and IT transformation,” said Holli Ploog, vice president, CGI. “Our unique perspective and successful delivery of complex health IT systems in both the public sector and commercial markets will help states build a connected network across governments, providers and consumers.”

CGI’s new platform aims to help states launch portals, manage eligibility/enrollment and exchange data with commercial carriers as well as state and federal agencies.

According to CGI, the technology integrates easily into existing state systems, minimizing risk and leveraging state investments and allows states to evolve programs over time and respond quickly to legislative, regulatory and financial changes.

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