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Deloitte Study Gives Insight into Mobile App Success

Image: Ann Triling

A report from Deloitte has revealed a shifting trend in the mobile app market. According to the recent study, brand name apps are now going unnoticed, while utility-based apps are gaining popularity among users.

For the study, Deloitte researched app stores to fully understand the success of apps on main platforms. The findings show the most successful apps fall under two categories — “time-killers” and “utilities,” while the most unsuccessful branded apps were typically too promotional, low in quality and not advertised well.

Deloitte reported that 80 percent of apps published by “a selection of global consumer and healthcare brands” were downloaded fewer than 1,000 times, with just 1 percent seeing more than 1 million downloads.

However, Deloitte’s study also warns that “nonparticipation in the app world does not appear to be an option either,” due to the fact that 75 percent of mobile app users expect all brand name companies to have a mobile app. Also, the report found users expected the app to be easier to use than the company’s website.

“Brands view apps as a golden opportunity to communicate directly with consumers and in a more meaningful, long term manner,” said Howard Davies, media partner at Deloitte. “When brands get it right, the returns can be huge.”

So what does a brand do to “get it right” in the mobile app market? According to Deloitte, successful branded apps allow for functionality for the user, rather than apps that simply create a “stripped out version of their website or mobile microsite.” Also, brands should know how to manipulate app store ratings and target the platforms used by the brand customers.


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