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Food Safety On-the-Go: RightNow Mobile, USDA Launch ‘Ask Karen’ App

RightNow Technologies, a customer solutions company, announced today the Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service has implemented RightNow Mobile to enable its new mobile “Ask Karen” application.

The smartphone application instantly answers food-safety questions and is a mobile version of the existing “Ask Karen” site, a virtual food-safety representative who offers advice about properly handling, storing and preparing food to prevent illness.

Through the mobile app, users can search for nearly 1,500 answers by topic or by product, talk with a live representative or send an email. Questions such as, “Is food safe if left out overnight?” or “How long does it take beef to thaw?” can now be answered on-the-go.

RightNow CX, the customer experience suite, powers the application and has helped FSIS improve email communication and response times, while capturing important feedback to improve information sharing.

“In our work with FSIS, we have been impressed with the agency’s ability to create unique solutions to offer U.S. citizens access to important food-safety information,” said Kevin Paschuck, vice president of RightNow’s public sector. “RightNow understands the service imperative that the federal government faces and we are pleased to see FSIS’s dedication to providing a transparent citizen experience.”

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