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GeoEye Introduces New Web Service to NGA

GeoEye, Inc. announced yesterday the delivery of its EnhancedView web hosting service to the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. The new capability will provide the agency with password protected, online access to unclassified, high-resolution imagery within hours of its collection.

GeoEye‘s new technology follows last year’s implementation of NGA’s online GEOINT system. It will allow users to access the geospatial-intelligence system and will improve emergency response capabilities for areas in the U.S. and Japan.

According to GeoEye, the EnhancedView WHS combines GeoEye and third-party imagery to deliver highly precise base maps and allows users to access new imagery online within hours of collection.

Agency users can now access imagery through Esri’s ArcGIS, Google Earth and other Open Geospatial Consortium compliant tools and automatically receive notifications when new imagery is available for their area of interest.

The new technology is powered by GeoEye’s online access platform, EyeQ. The platform enables thousands of users to easily access and download high-resolution imagery.

“We have made steady investments in our EyeQ platform so our customers can quickly access and share precise imagery products to perform analysis and manage crisis response,” said Chris Incardona, GeoEye’s senior director for government programs. “The EnhancedView Web Hosting Service is the next step in our commitment to providing multi-source products, services and dissemination capabilities to help the NGA deliver online, on-demand geospatial intelligence.”

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