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IBM Launches New Server for Emerging Markets

IBM zEnterprise 114 Mainframe Server; Photo - IBM

IBM announced today the release of the IBM zEnterprise 114 mainframe, a new version of the IBM zEnterprise System that will allow for the extension of the system to a larger market. The new mainframe follows the July 2010 release of the IBM zEnterprise System and offers advanced computing options for companies and governments in emerging markets, as well as mid-size clients around the world.

According to Computerworld, the zEnterprise 114 mainframe’s starting price of $75,000 costs 25 percent less than previous system, the z10 Business Class, and offers up to 25 percent performance improvements.

The zEnterprise 114 may allow for users to consolidate workloads, operate efficiently, better understand customer behavior and needs, optimize decisions in real time and reduce risk. “This hybrid is the big new wild card for IBM mainframes,” said Mike Kahn, an analyst at The Clipper Group.

Along with the zEnterprise 114, IBM released today System x blades. These new features, which operate within the zEnterprise system, allow for customers to extend mainframe qualities, such as governance and manageability, to workloads running across multiple platforms.

IBM hopes the low cost and efficient performance capabilities offered by the server will attract buyers in emerging markets overseas. The company said governments and businesses in Cameroon, Senegal and Namibia have recently purchased new IBM mainframe servers.

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