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Raytheon Completes Data Exchange with FBI

Raytheon Company and the FBI completed the latest increment of the National Data Exchange information sharing system, Raytheon announced Monday.

The FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services Division now manages the N-DEx system, which is now fully operational. The system allows 200,000 investigators in more than 18,000 local, state, tribal and federal agencies to share information on criminal cases.

N-DEx gives the law enforcement community  intuitive ways to quickly search and visualize data and gives easy ways to collaborate as virtual investigative teams.

“From incident reports to incarceration data, N-DEx gives users an easy way to search, link, analyze and share criminal justice data on a national basis in ways never before possible,” said Lynn Dugle, president of Raytheon’s Intelligence and Information Systems business.

The new increment of N-DEx includes web services that enhance the system’s existing features, such as information alerts about persons of interest when new records are put into the system.

The company said users are expected to make nearly 6 million queries a day through the system.

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